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Video Interview Archive (List of Video Interviews)


We are proud to announce the expansion of our archive system to include videos. We have been interviewing members of the community for some time now and have collected over 150 video interviews. These interviews can be seen by clicking here.Please take some time to browse the list of all the interviewies who helped to make this video archive possible by sharing his or hers wealth of knowledge and local history:

10/2/09 Mrs. Pearl Gray(Vickie)
10/6/09 Eva Baker Young (Vickie)
108/09 Pawnee Halliburton (Ollie)
10/28/09 Fred Gilbert (Vickie)
11/6/09 Wayne Boyce (Vickie)Part 1
11/30/09 Wayne Boyce (Vickie) Part 2
12/15/09 T.A. Brown (Vickie)
8/13/10 T.A. Brown (Cindy)
1/18/10 Ollie Brown & Danny Brock (T.A.) Elgin
8/14/10 Ollie Brown (Cindy)
12/28/09 Sarah Barrett Watkins (Cindy)
1/12/10 Bob Penix (Vickie)
1/12/10 Bob Penix, Henry Crandall, Pawnee Halliburton, T.A. Brown (T.A.)
1/15/10 Edith Burge Hancock (Vickie)
1/18/10 Linda Bobo Watson (Vickie)
2/25/10 Carol Richardson Crider (T.A.)
2/26/10 Henry Crandall (Vickie)
3/1/10 Dub and Polly Clark Stoner (Vickie)
3/3/10 Lindley Van Smith (Vickie)
3/17/10 Cora Chapman and Carol Churchman Thomas (Vickie and Edith)
3/22/10 Herschel and Anthony Holt (T.A.)
3/30/10 Lynn Graham Thomas (Vickie)
4/8/10 Nona Campbell ( T.A.)
4/6/10 Bill and Sue Cockrill (Vickie)
4/15/10 Mary Haskett Smith (Ollie)
4/16/10 Glenna Burt Crabb (Vickie)
4/27/10 Wanda Mitts Layton (Ollie)
6/5/10 Dewey Henderson (Vickie)
7/27/10 Ada Person & Vera Person Watson (Vickie)
8/2/10 Tammie Elliott Clausen (Vickie)
8/3/10 Cheryl Muir Riley (Vickie)
8/7/10 Morgan Gilbert (Tammie Clausen & Vickie)
8/10/10 Joann Vickers Engle (T.A.)
8/10/10 Victor Nagel (Edith)
8/11/10 Lisa Smith Riley & Bea Smith (Vickie)
8/11/10 Vickie Diane Williams (Edith)
8/12/10 Faye Malone Smith (Vickie)
8/12/10 Peytina Hollis Freer (Vickie)
8/13/10 Bob Swink Sr. (T.A.)
8/17/10 Emma Lea Blackwood (Vickie)
8/17/10 Shirley Manuel (Vickie)
8/17/10 Burl Bennett (Vickie)
8/19/10 Velma Brown Bobo & Bernice Brown Ridley (Vickie)
8/19/10 Joe Kinder (T.A.)
8/20/10 Oneida Hicks Chapman (Ollie)
8/23/10 Larry Bowen (Vickie)
8/25/10 Sherry & Perry Pinkston (Vickie)
8/30/10 J.L. Person (T.A.)
8/30/10 Bonita Coleman Jiles (Vickie)
8/31/10 Sid and Cathy Huskey Holt (T.A.)
8/31/10 Mitzi Stoner Milligan (Edith and Vickie)
9/2/10 Christine and Martha Lou Cole (Edith)
9/3/10 Marguerite Gwaltney (Ollie)
9/8/10 Bobby Milligan (Edith)
9/8/10 George Jean Johns (Edith)
9/9/10 Evon Reed Finney (Vickie)
9/14/10 Violet Runsick Provence (Vickie)
9/14/10 Valerie Ridley (Vickie)
9/15/10 Katherine Byerly Johnston Part 1 (Charlotte)
9/30/10 Katherine Johnston Part 2 (Charlotte)
9/15/10 Phyllis Whitlock Gregory (Vickie)
9/16/10 Kay Bullard Owens (T.A.)
9/17/10 Virginia Jones Tharpe (Edith & Vickie)
9/20/10 Ricky Gilmore (T.A.)
9/21/10 Wanda Nunamaker Combs (Vickie)
9/21/10 Nathine McDaniel Huskey (Vickie)
9/21/10 Ron Koller (Vickie)
9/22/10 Steve French (Edith)
9/28/10 Paul & Nancy Combs (Edith)
9/28/10 Billy Ed Morris (Edith)
9/29/10 Wes Shaver (Charlotte)
9/29/10 Vaneissina Woods Turner (Vickie)
10/6/10 Pawnee Halliburton (Edith)
10/6/10 Harry Clausen (Edith)
10/7/10 John Clark (Vickie)
10/12/10 Teddy Rhea (Edith)
10/13/10 James & Sue Hartsell Cossey (Vickie)
10/20/10 Carolyn Pennington Rhea (Vickie)
10/22/10 Rhonda Mount Heflin (Vickie)
10/26/10 Charles Summers (Vickie)
11/1/10 Ken Duvall (Vickie)
11/10/10 Betty Penix (Vickie)
11/16/10 Mary Nagel and Connie Pate
11/19/10 Nettie Cossey (Vickie)
1/7/11 Gilly Campbell (Ollie)
1/5/11 Dorcas Harrison Jeffery (Vickie)
1/12/11 Jonathan Tubbs (Vickie)
1/12/11 Penni Manuel (Edith)
1/19/11 Brenda Bailey (Vickie)
4/4/11 Bill Whitlow (Vickie)
4/7/11 Happy Quilters (Vickie)
4/11/11 Etola Epperson (Ollie)
6/3/11 Leroy Jarrett
6/9/11 Cindy Johnson (Ollie)
7/6/11 Boyce Ann Hulen (Ollie)
7/31/11 Henderson Cousins (Ollie)
8/23/11 Marie Klais (Vickie)
8/24/11 Marie Dunivan (Vickie)
8/24/11 Jessie Dunivan (Edith)
8/24/11 Wanda Eddington Tims (Edith)
8/25/11 Gladys Jacobs (Vickie)
8/25 /11 Glen/Pat McManners (Vickie)
8/30/11 Jan Biggers Paschal (Vickie)
9/9/11 Ruby Young (Ollie)
9/9/11 Ruby Young/T.A. Brown (Ollie)
9/24/11 Vickie Williams at Depot Days
10/11/11 Lewis French (Edith)
10/17/11 Lola Gilmore (Ollie)
10/19/11 Lewis French (Edith)
10/25/11 Lewis French (Edith)
10/27/11 Al/Lou Bray (Edith)
11/8/11 Robert Williams
11/14/11 Max Brown (Vickie)
11/14/11 Phyllis Gregory (Vickie)
11/16/11 Jarrod Bowen
11/29/11 Larry/Shirley Sutterfield (Edith)
11/29/11 Jimmie Darling (Vickie)
12/1/11 James Young (Vickie)
1/10/12 Jerry/Coleen McCoy (Vickie)
1/11/12 Paul Person (Vickie)
1/18/12 Phyllis Tims Holmes (Edith)
1/20/12 Al Cothern (Vickie)
1/30/12 Mary Ann Penix/Thomas Penix (Edith)
2/1/12 H.L. and Linda Montgomery (Edith)
2/1/12 Ed and Neva Gray Holt

2/8/12 Jerry Bradley (Vickie)
2/9/12 Cathy Long Harris (Vickie)
2/20/12 Stacy Evans Wagster (Edith)
2/27/12 Betty Sullins
4/25/12 Woodrow Turner (Edith)
Cecil Foushee and Brenda Casteel-Edith- 5/14/12
Bill and Janie Evans 5/16/12 –Edith
Barbara Fields and Lamelda Fortenberry 5/16/12- Edith
Donnie Ivy- Edith- 5/21/12
Jerry and Ronnie Huskey with their Mother, Dane Jiles-10/1/12- Vickie Part 1
Kaye Person-Edith-1/14/13
Jerry, Ronnie Huskey and Dane Jiles Part 2- Vickie – 10/1/12
Bill Biggers-Vickie 3/4/13
Floy (Smith) McKeel-Michael Smith August 2010
Wrotie Koller-Vickie 4/19/13
Kathy Simmons-Edith 6/19/13
Linda Ford- Edith 6/21/13
Bob Stoner-Morgan 6/25/13
Elwood Fisher-Morgan 6/25/13
Chad Soden-Morgan 8/6/13
Kern Kennedy-Morgan 8/13/13
Sid & Cathy Holt-T.A. 12/4/13
Danny Brock 12/4/13
Andy Birmingham- Vickie 1/26/15
Dr. Charles Watson-Vickie 8/13/15 Part I
Dr. Charles Watson-Vickie 8/20/15 Part II
Bud Black-Edith 10/3/16
Buddy Bartlett-Edith 2/27/17
Kenneth Grady-Edith 3/3/17
Darrell Roberts-Edith 3/8/17
Ann Terrell Scoggins-Vickie 3/31/17
Sally Choate Molleston-Vickie 4/12/17
Wanda Williams Wells-Vickie 4/16/17
David Dixon-Edith 4/16/17
Judy McManners Hutchins- Edith 4/16/17
Pam Bobo Cawthon- Edith 4/24/17
Kenny Crider-Edith 5/5/17
Troy Jones-Edith 7/17/17
Mickey Brock-Edith 8/10/17
Henry Douglas-Edith 8/14/17
Paul Whitlock-Edith 10/26/2017
Veterans Memorial Celebration-Tommy Young 11/10/17
Eddie Nagel reading List of Fallen 11/10/17
List of Veterans- Read by THS Beta Club Students 11/10/17
MIA Lists and “Taps” played by Brandan Bakala 11/10/17
National Guard Presentation of U.S. Flag to Mrs. Blackwood 11/10/17
Rob Clausen-Singing the “National Anthem”
THS Students with American Flags accompanied by Chris Boreani on the bagpipes
Veterans Day Program 2018 Parade of Flags
THS Band Playing Patriotic Melody 2018
Taps Played by Brandan Bakkala 2018
Rob Clausen Singing the National Anthem 2018
Opening Remarks by President Tommy Young 2018
Jeff Doyle and Beta Club Reading Names of Veterans by Branches They Served
Eddie Nagel Reading Names of Fallen Veterans 2018
1980- Audio Recording of Mayor Lewis French With the History of the Gracelawn Cemetery in 1979-1980