Trails To Tuckerman Historical Society
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Who We Are


Mission & Vision

TTHS (Trails to Tuckerman Historical Society) is a non-profit, educational, historical organization to capture, preserve and archive the history of the Tuckerman and northern Jackson County area and make it available to the public. In addition, TTHS endeavors to establish and maintain monuments and memorials for the area so that future generations may enjoy these pieces of history.

Our History

The T.A. Brown family of Tuckerman, AR could be considered the true founders of the organization. As a result of a long-time hobby of the Brown grandchildren, Garrett and Justin's photography of houses and other related points of interest, the idea was put forth to take a group photograph of various people and indicate their occupations. A meeting with the Tuckerman Mayor Gerald Jackson, T.A. Brown and Tommy Young put forth the idea to determine if there was enough interest to form a historical society in Tuckerman.

After a series of preliminary meetings in October and November of 2007, the interest seemed to be apparent. A name was thought of by Arlene Jones of ''Trails to Tuckerman Historical Society''. This phrase went well with the idea offered by Mrs. Billye Crawford to use all of the previous thirty-eight school districts that consolidated to form what is now the Tuckerman/Jackson County School District as our primary focus area. A logo was created by Rickey Rowland which consists of a horse and wagon symbolizing the migration or trail to Tuckerman. Various professionals such as Wayne and Edward Boyce helped with setting up our legal structure. Bill Biggers, CPA, helped establish our status with the Internal Revenue Service. Officers were presented on November 12, 2007. They were: President- Tommy Young, Vice President- T.A. Brown, Secretary- Billye Crawford, Treasurer- Lisa Riley, and Reporter - Ollie Brown.

The organization has two main goals. The first is to establish a digital computer archive to collect and scan photos and histories and to create a long-standing archive. Eddie Nagel was instrumental in creating the structure of computers and programming necessary to create the archive. Various businesses have supported the effort to get the organization up and running such as Bill Grimes of Bank and Business Printing who has provided all of the necessary printing supplies. The second goal is a long-term goal to establish a memorial park to recognize our town and area's fallen heroes.

To learn more about our organization and its history, please read our bylaws.