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Swift Theater, entertainment, business, theaters

These advertisements show the movie schedule for April of 1957 for the Swift Theater.

Entertainment, King of Clubs, Swifton, Bob Kings, Rock-n-Roll Highway

Bob King's King of Clubs building burned in December of 2010 near Swifton, AR on the Rock-n-Roll Highway or Highway 67. This establishment had many famous enterntainers such as Elvis, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty and many more country legends to play there over the years.

Bobby Higgins, Bill and Doug Jones, Swifton

Bobby Higgins along with Bill and Doug Jones having fun riding their motorcycle northwest of Swifton on the Max Freer Farm.

Magic show, Sam Boyce Family, Magic Circle, Entertainment

Sam Boyce Family performed a magic show at Tuckerman High School in the Edwin Shaver Auditorium in 1981. Sam Boyce was also inducted into the Magic Circle for magicians. This document has three pages with several pictures. It was printed in the Newport Independent in December of 2010.

Halloween Contest, Senior Citizens

Tuckerman Senior Citizens sponsor a Halloween Contest for the town's young people in October of 2010.